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Mageia 2 Vagrant Box

I’ve been using Vagrant a fair bit recently at home and at work, mainly using Ubuntu and Centos boxes. I’ve been building these boxes using VeeWee with great success. However as a heavy user of Mageia on the server and desktop, I’ve been wanting to auto build a Mageia 2 box with veewee. Until now I’ve handled it manually as I hadn’t been able to get my head around the Mandriva/Mageia auto installer documentation as it was written a long time ago and was in many ways out of date.
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The three TimTam rule

For those interested in not over-snacking during the day, I have developed the three Tim Tam rule.

  • First, to begin the sugar rush and begin the flavour enjoyment. 100% Enjoyment Factor
  • Second, to continue the addiction. Some can stop here, however this is most unlikely. 90% Enjoyment Factor
  • Third, to satisfy and finish the indulgence. 75% Enjoyment Factor. Any more from here and the enjoyment factor drops off considerably.

* Note 1 – if you repeat this process more than once in a 24 hour period, the Enjoyment Factor reduces by about 20% across all steps.

* Note 2 – this is an unscientific study. However many combinations were tried to achieve these results.

Mageia or Mandriva? Review, decision & migration.

Those who follow the Linux news will know that part of the team at Mandriva forked the distribution and started Mageia. At the announcement of the forking in Sep 2010, I was quite worried as to where this would leave me. As I have many servers, desktops, and laptops spread between many friends, family and clients using Mandriva Linux and as such I knew that the path I followed from here would impact many people.

What follows from here is my look at the Mandriva vs. Mageia battle for supremacy on my machines. I’ve been using Mandriva for a long time (since the 8.2 days) and many of the reasons I chose it initially such as ease of use, active community, constant innovation, stability, common server/desktop and amazing configuration tools (DrakX), have remained the same and stopped tempting migrations to Fedora, Ubuntu or Suse. However some things change. Mandriva’s commercial stability has been lacking for a long time, which produced the laying off of a large group of developers – the same developers who decided they’d had enough and created Mageia.

Mageia being a fork of Mandriva has allowed it to keep many of the features as above, and the time has come for a decision: stay with Mandriva, move to Mageia or consider something else entirely.

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Re-launch, Re-name

Planet Cyprix is now – that Sam guy. Quite simple, and yet it says a lot about the new direction I’m taking.

I’m that Sam guy. I shall be extolling my opinions on all and sundry, a well as providing updates on my progress as a programmer, business owner and overall human being.

This is both a new direction for myself as well as this site. An outlet for my ideas and passions. A separation from my past online (and offline) identity as a young man sometimes known as cyprix, with all that entails. And a celebration of my rapidly approaching new role as a dad.

I hope you all enjoy what comes along from here.